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Stanford University Online Degrees

Online Degrees – Stanford University

Stanford University offers online doctoral degrees, online master’s degrees, online bachelor’s degrees, and online certificates & Diplomas.

Master’s Degrees:
  • Computer Science MS Degree-Computer and Network Security
  • Computer Science MS Degree-Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Science MS Degree Bio-computation
  • Computational and Mathematical Engineering MS Degree
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering MS Degree
  • Chemical Engineering MS Degree
  • Biomedical Informatics MS Degree
  • Aeronautics and Astronautics MS Degree
  • Computer Science MS Degree-Database Systems
  • Electrical Engineering MS Degree
  • Computer Science MS Degree-Theoretical Computer Science
  • Computer Science MS Degree-Systems
  • Computer Science MS Degree-Software Theory
  • Computer Science MS Degree-Real-World Computing
  • Computer Science MS Degree-Numerical Analysis/Scientific Computation
  • Computer Science MS Degree-Human-Computer Interaction
  • Materials Science and Engineering MS Degree
  • Mechanical Engineering MS Degree

Certificate & Diplomas:
  • Certificate in Novel Writing
  • Biotechnology Graduate Certificate
  • Databases Graduate Certificate
  • Data, Models and Optimization Graduate Certificate
  • Data Mining and Applications Graduate Certificate
  • Cyber Security Graduate Certificate
  • Communication Systems Graduate Certificate
  • Clinical Research Informatics Graduate Certificate
  • Bioinformatics Graduate Certificate
  • Financial Risk Analysis and Management Graduate Certificate
  • Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Certificate
  • Energy Engineering and Technologies
  • Electronic Circuits Graduate Certificate
  • Design for Customer Value and Market Success Graduate Certificate
  • Decision Analysis Graduate Certificate
  • Bio-design Graduate Certificate
  • Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate
  • Micro/Nano Systems and Technology Graduate Certificate
  • Management Science and Engineering Graduate Certificate
  • International Security Graduate Certificate
  • Guidance and Control Graduate Certificate
  • Foundations in Computer Science Graduate Certificate
  • Advanced Structures and Failure Analysis Graduate Certificate
  • Advanced Software Systems Graduate Certificate
  • Advanced Project Management Certificate
  • Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate
  • Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate
  • Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate
  • Stanford Advanced Computer Security Certificate
  • Stanford – IATA Aviation Management Certificate
  • Software Systems Graduate Certificate
  • Quantitative Methods in Finance Graduate Certificate
  • Product Creation and Innovative Manufacturing Graduate Certificate
  • Nanotechnology: Design and Manufacturing of Intelligent Systems
  • Nano scale Materials Science Graduate Certificate
  • Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate

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