Financial Analysis

Woolworths Financial Analysis

Woolworths Financial Analysis include all or some of the following information as per requirements:

Executive Summary

Information, pertinent to an investor (quick review of the firm)

Recent price performance


Merits and risks of the investment

Business Description

Company Overview

Core business (products/services)

Break-down of major divisions, if relevant

Other business ventures

Company operations

Services/Products overview

Industry Overview

Does your company have competitive advantage?

Trend over past 5-10 years

Forecast for the next few years

Risks/Merits for the Industry

Investment Summary


Financial Analysis

Financial & Ratio Analysis of company and its Competitor, Profitability Analysis, Activity & Management Performance Analysis, Liquidity Analysis, Leverage/Solvency Analysis, Investors/Market ratios analysis, Dupont Analysis, EBITDA, NOPAT, Free Cash Flows (FCFs), Cash Flow Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Qualitative Factors (Company), Quantitative factors Industry Overview, Stock Price and Dividend Analysis,

Liquidity Analysis

Profitability Analysis

Solvency Analysis

Market Prospects

Other Issues

Trend analysis

Any other factors

Investment Risks

PEST factors

SWOT Analysis

Conclusion & Recommendation

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